Dia Dos

After the overwhelming support and feedback I received for my first post of the #b03 challenge, I’ve decided to continue on my journey of blogging everyday of March.  Many thanks to my loyal followers and supporters.

Today I thought I would talk about pets.  This month we’ll be moving out of my one bedroom townhouse into a larger three bedroom house, that comes complete with with not only a good sized backyard, but also a completely fenced in front yard! There were many reasons we decided to move – more space, family and friends can stay over, we can BBQ and eat outside, etc etc.  – the list goes on.  But one of the main reasons was we wanted to get a dog.

Over the years I’ve had lots of different pets.  My first real pet was Lambo, a lamb that a local farmer donated to us when I was nine. I’ve had several dogs – Jackson the black Lab, Harry the Terrier x Mongrel, Jessie the Jack Russell, Kobe (14) the Jack Russel and Molly(11) the ‘Bitsa’.  The last two are still alive and live with Mum back in Corowa.  When I was about 11, I started a yabby farm – that only lasted about six months – and for most of my youth chooks featured fairly prominently as well. My last two attempts at pet ownership resulted in a cat named Brian (Brian was a girl cat, but I’d already picked the name before picking the cat) and a couple of gold fish.

Karla and I have been wanting a dog since we returned home late last year.  We go through different phases about what breed of dog we want, but keep coming back to the Golden Retriever. We’ve also already chosen a name for the dog  – Larry (or ‘Lar’ for those “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans out there).

So that’s my day two post about pets.  I’m finding the writing part is quite easy and it comes even easier after a few beers.  The challenge for me is finding topics to blog about,  but I figure photos of cute puppies should at least get me a few clicks. 🙂

Get ready for tomorrow…dia tres.


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