Jours Trois

Day three and I’m still here on the keyboard pounding out posts.  It’s fairly rare that I use a computer on the weekend.  One of the few things I do well is maintain a work/life balance.  As a general rule, I try not to do much on the laptop outside work hours   Exceptions to this rule include placing the odd bet on the horses and checking the footy scores.

Tomorrow Karla will compete in her first ever triathlon at Elwood beach in the BRW Corporate Triathlon. We started the day off in Elwood to drop off her bike and register.  For anyone else who was in Melbourne today woud know how wet the weather was.  It rained all day.  While we were at the course it was announced that the swim leg has been cancelled due to poor water conditions in the bay.  Instead the competitors must start the race with an eight hundred metre sprint long the beach.  Following that they’ll be on the bike for 10 km’s and then finish off with a 4 km run.

The rest of the day was spend relaxing at home and preparing for the early start tomorrow. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good footy match. Especially when my team, the Melbourne Demons plays. They are taking on the Collingwood Magpiesas I type in and epic match that I can only hope will end in a victory for the Dee’s…something I’m not normally used to.

We have to be at the course at 6.30 so will be an early night and as such a short blog post.  I am thinking of trying something different for the blog tomorrow.  The plan will be to take a photo every 30 minutes from 6am until midday tomorrow and then post them on here. It will be good to mix it up a bit.

Until then good night and CHAR THE DEES!


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