Eguna Sei

Moving house sucks. As exciting as it is to move into a new place, the process it takes to get there is royal pain. That’s probably why I’ve been in my current abode for almost eight years. I’m not a packer.

Tomorrow we board our public jet to Perth for my mates wedding on Saturday. We arrive back next Tuesday and need to be out on Thursday. So much to do, so little time to do it!!

I am really looking forward to getting into the new place now though. We’ve upgraded from one bedroom to three. One bathroom to two and a half. From having no yard to have both a large front and back yard. One car space to double lock up garage – even though we only have one car to fill it. It will be nice to finally have people over and not be stepping on each other toes!

I need more boxes!


Dag Vijf

Maybe it’s because my family have been involved in growing vegetables over three generations.  Or perhaps I was inspired while travelling through Italy and Greece, eating some amazingly fresh food.  It could just be as simple as I was fed up with the rubbish the local supermarkets were trying to sell me. Looking back it was probably a combination of the three, but for what ever reason, this last summer was the summer I decided to grow my own veggies.

My brother kindly donated the plants from the nursery and provided me with all the essentials – good soil, fertalizer and most importantly – excellent advice.  Being a first time gardener, I decided to start slow and with the basics. Our patch had a herb garden with basil, coriander and parsley, two capsicum plants, a roma and gourmet tomato plant, an egg plant and my favourite – a hot chilli plant.

Although it’s probably not a sustainable way to keep a consistent supply of vegetables, there is something very rewarding about growing and preparing your own food.  And nothing beats cooking (and eating) fresh vegetables.

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Tag Vier

The following photos were taken every 30 minutes between 5:30am and 12:00 noon. They were taken at Elwood beach for the 2012 Nissan BRW Corporate Triathlon Series in which Karla was as participant.

Jours Trois

Day three and I’m still here on the keyboard pounding out posts.  It’s fairly rare that I use a computer on the weekend.  One of the few things I do well is maintain a work/life balance.  As a general rule, I try not to do much on the laptop outside work hours   Exceptions to this rule include placing the odd bet on the horses and checking the footy scores.

Tomorrow Karla will compete in her first ever triathlon at Elwood beach in the BRW Corporate Triathlon. We started the day off in Elwood to drop off her bike and register.  For anyone else who was in Melbourne today woud know how wet the weather was.  It rained all day.  While we were at the course it was announced that the swim leg has been cancelled due to poor water conditions in the bay.  Instead the competitors must start the race with an eight hundred metre sprint long the beach.  Following that they’ll be on the bike for 10 km’s and then finish off with a 4 km run.

The rest of the day was spend relaxing at home and preparing for the early start tomorrow. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good footy match. Especially when my team, the Melbourne Demons plays. They are taking on the Collingwood Magpiesas I type in and epic match that I can only hope will end in a victory for the Dee’s…something I’m not normally used to.

We have to be at the course at 6.30 so will be an early night and as such a short blog post.  I am thinking of trying something different for the blog tomorrow.  The plan will be to take a photo every 30 minutes from 6am until midday tomorrow and then post them on here. It will be good to mix it up a bit.

Until then good night and CHAR THE DEES!

Dia Dos

After the overwhelming support and feedback I received for my first post of the #b03 challenge, I’ve decided to continue on my journey of blogging everyday of March.  Many thanks to my loyal followers and supporters.

Today I thought I would talk about pets.  This month we’ll be moving out of my one bedroom townhouse into a larger three bedroom house, that comes complete with with not only a good sized backyard, but also a completely fenced in front yard! There were many reasons we decided to move – more space, family and friends can stay over, we can BBQ and eat outside, etc etc.  – the list goes on.  But one of the main reasons was we wanted to get a dog.

Over the years I’ve had lots of different pets.  My first real pet was Lambo, a lamb that a local farmer donated to us when I was nine. I’ve had several dogs – Jackson the black Lab, Harry the Terrier x Mongrel, Jessie the Jack Russell, Kobe (14) the Jack Russel and Molly(11) the ‘Bitsa’.  The last two are still alive and live with Mum back in Corowa.  When I was about 11, I started a yabby farm – that only lasted about six months – and for most of my youth chooks featured fairly prominently as well. My last two attempts at pet ownership resulted in a cat named Brian (Brian was a girl cat, but I’d already picked the name before picking the cat) and a couple of gold fish.

Karla and I have been wanting a dog since we returned home late last year.  We go through different phases about what breed of dog we want, but keep coming back to the Golden Retriever. We’ve also already chosen a name for the dog  – Larry (or ‘Lar’ for those “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans out there).

So that’s my day two post about pets.  I’m finding the writing part is quite easy and it comes even easier after a few beers.  The challenge for me is finding topics to blog about,  but I figure photos of cute puppies should at least get me a few clicks. 🙂

Get ready for tomorrow…dia tres.

Day One

So this is the first of thirty-one posts I will blog this month.  As a start, I thought I would introduce myself and give a bit of history.

I’ve lived in Melbourne for eight years, but I very much refer to the country as home.  I grew up in southern NSW in a tiny little town called Rand.  There wasn’t much to see in Rand.  In the last census the population stood at a strong 206 people.  We had corner store, post office, petrol station & a pub.  The heart of the town was the local footy, netball and cricket club – the Rand Pigeons!

I lived in Rand until I turned 18 and finished high school in a near by town called Corowa.  Most of my family, inducing my parents & brother still live in the area.  Once I graduated, I moved to Albury and attended Charles Sturt University for three years studying Information Technology.  During this time I also started part time work at Masterfoods in Wodonga. This eventually led me to my first real full time job after graduating in 2002.

When I finished Uni, a good friend of mine and I spent eight weeks traveling across Canada.  This was my first real taste of independent travel – and I loved it! Growing up,  I was lucky enough to have parents that would take us away every school holidays – mostly within Australia, but there were a few overseas trips in there too.  However, the trip to Canada in 02/03 was when I got the bitten by the travel bug.

Anyone who has met me will know that I love to travel.  I spent most of 2011 on an epic trip around the globe with my beautiful girlfriend – now soon-to-be beautiful wife!  We spent time in Canada, the US, Dominican Republic, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Greece and Thailand.  It was on this trip that I first attempted blogging.  We started with the intention to share our experiences with our family and friends.  I’d like to think it was fairly successful.  We now have a great visual diary of our time abroad and managed to meet heaps of amazing people along the way – both virtually and in real life.

As for this blog, I’m still not sure what or where it will head.  I’m going to write about what’s on my mind at the time.  I wouldn’t expect anything too profound, but I do hope you’ll find it interesting. My real goal is to try to keep something up for 31 days straight.  It was either this or given up drinking for a month – and we all know that is never going to happen.

See you on day two.